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High-flexible connectors and high-current connectors in solderless pressed versionHigh-flexible connectors and high-current connectors in solderless pressed version

Druseidt-connectors are extreme flexible connectors which are made out of high-flexible wires with a diameter of 0.07 or 0.10 mm. On both ends we press E-Cu-contact-husks with high pressure and without soldering onto the cable/braid. The hereby used druseidt-press-technology guarantee extreme compressing and a optimal contact resistance. As an opposite to the typical method by using terminal lugs this procedure makes a fully pressed braid-integrated contact-area. Through the very high pressure the space which contains air between the wires is so much compressed, that no harmful gases or other environmental influences can go inside. We only use material E-CU and materials with similar conductance (husks and braids) of ca. 57 S. The process needs no additional materials like tin, etc. By using our connectors you'll be able to have a very well contact resistance.

Our very modern machinery equipment combined with a very long experience in constructing and producing braids and high-current-connectors enables us to manufacture flexible components in every technical possible variation. All connectors could be manufactured out of bare and tinned braids in insulated or non-insulated configuration, tuned for your special applications. All contact-areas could be coated (tinned, nickel plated, silvered or gilded) according to your wishes. We produce single parts as well as big series with a contact-area-width up to 200 mm and cross-sections up to 6000 mm▓. In case of your wishes we also support you constructively by planning/building current-transfer-solutions and projects. You are welcome to contact us.

Standard Design

E-Cu-wires or braids bare, high-flexible (single wire diameter 0.07/0.10 mm) with bare, solderless pressed and seamless contact-husks.


Standard design undrilled. By your request drilled according druseidt-norm (Type I - III) or according your wishes.


Individual according your wishes.

Special Design

Made out of tinned braids or coated contact-areas.


Possible in insulated variants (PVC, silicone, shrinking tubes or glass-fiber).

Water protection

Also available in a water-protected version.

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